Experience the Many Advantages of Chartered Flights

Experience Luxury in the Sky

Many people believe that the advantages of chartered flights are luxuries afforded only to the rich and famous, but the fact of the matter is that flying in a private jet is a luxury that can be experienced by just about anyone. Whether traveling for businessor for pleasure, once the benefits of chartering a personal flight have been experienced by a passenger, it becomes difficult for them consider returning to the many hassles that accompany commercial airline travel.


Depart on Time


Chartered flight is a mode of transportation scheduled around a timeline that works for you. Rather than waste time searching travel websites for airports and departure times that fit into your timeline, charter flights are scheduled to take off exactly where and when you need them to.

Your customized schedule may also include multiple destinations. For instance, if you would like to stop off for a weekend on the beach in Hawaii on your way to a business meeting in Japan, this can be easily arranged. Or if you have meetings scheduled in multiple cities, you can hop on and hop off your own private jet at every destination without having to deal with busy airports each day. Many private plane travelers are able to hit several cities in a single day. Just imagine all of the work that could be accomplished on a business trip catered to your agenda.


A streamlined security experience means skipping the long lines at security checkpoints. Rather than being forced to arrive at the airport hours in advance of your scheduled departure time, you can roll up to a jet that’s waiting in a private hangar and get settled comfortably into your seat moments before your aircraft takes off. And if you happen to be running late, the jet has a flexible schedule built around your less flexible schedule and will wait for you. No more missed flights or connections due to late business meetings or corporate dinners that run long.


Arrive in Style


The advantages of chartered flights also extend to your experience after having arrived at your final destination. There is no need to waste time dealing with baggage claim tickets, standing shoulder to shoulder with travellers waiting for luggage at the conveyor belt, and manoeuvring airport hallways in order to find the rental car desk.

The luxury experience of chartered flight means that the end of your journey will be as comfortable as the beginning. Your luggage will be carefully unloaded from the aircraft and hand delivered directly into your personal vehicle.

Alternately, your personal effects can be transferred to the trunk of a rental car or limousine that is already waiting for you at the gate before the wheels of your aircraft even touch down.


Buy and Fly

Business aviation with a chartered flight company that owns their own fleet gives travelers the security of knowing a private jet will be available where and when they need it. Many charter companies do not have long-term commitments, charge membership fees, or demand upfront deposits, so there is no reason not to experience the many advantages of chartered flights.